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If you are interested in protecting your invention but not breaking the bank, you have come to the right place for US utility patents and design patents, international patents, and US patent searches.

I'm Don Meeker, webmaster of 1st Patents and coordinator of the 1st Patents team, currently located in New York City and Newport Beach, California. (That's me in the photo on the right dressed for some rare formal occasion. If I ever get a chance to meet you in person, I guarantee I won't be wearing that getup unless you are having a formal party to celebrate your success with your invention.)

Through 1st Patents you have access to a global network of registered Patent Attorneys and Agents combining many years of experience who write very effective patents to provide US and foreign patent protection for your invention. You get confidential, efficient, expert service. Normally, US residents file for a patent in the US and then proceed with foreign filings after the foreign filing license is granted within two months of the US filing date.


Chance to take action on your invention - You now have the opportunity to take action to protect your invention and get it into the market place before someone else beats you to it. Act now to move forward with your idea.


Friendly professional service for your patents and patent searches

You can feel confident that the 1st Patents team offers expert confidential service for patents and patent searches. You can enjoy the process because the1st Patents team always try to keep the client relationship friendly and personalized and the fees at reasonable flat rates for patents and patent searches.


Flat fee for patents and patent searches - no hidden costs

You will know all of your costs upfront with no surprise charges, no telephone consultation costs, and no hourly fees for your patents and patent searches. You can send an Email to dm@1st-patents.com or call from 1-6 PM East Coast Time on weekdays at the toll free number, 800-434-6297 or 949-887-0526, to get your free consultation concerning patents and patent searches.


Serving clients all over the world

No matter where you are located, you will find it easy for us to work together on your patents and patent searches with emails, faxes, the 800 number, and overnight mail delivery. Clients are located all over the US and in some foreign countries. You are always assured of fast efficient service.


Global Network of Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents

Through the1st Patents team of international associates, you have access to a global network of registered Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents to handle international patents in addition to US patents and patent searches. You have the benefit of many years of experience so you are assured of getting highly effective patent protection and thorough professional patent searches to provide the best protection for your invention.

If the1st Patents team can be of service to you in providing patents and patent searches to protect your invention, we will look forward to working with you.

Time is of the essence

Remember, time is very important in securing a patent. Protect your invention now before someone else gets the same idea and beats you to it. Many, many clients say that they had an idea, but someone else beat them to it before they protected the idea and brought it to market themselves. Don't miss out on another opportunity. Alexander Graham Bell beat a competitor to the Patent Office by 2 hours with his telephone, the most lucrative invention of all time. Contact 1st Patents now to protect your invention with the best professionally prepared patents and patent searches.

Best of luck with your invention,

Don Meeker
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PS. Don't take chances with your patent search and patent application. Hire a professional to insure the best protection for your invention.

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